It is no secret that physicians income has been falling over the past decade and many of us spend valuable time fighting with insurance companies to collect our dwindling revenues.

In the existing model of medical practice, it is impossible to spend quality time with clients to deliver the exciting proactive age management science that can prevent, halt and even reverse the many chronic diseases that result from cardio-metabolic dysfunction and ‘silent’ inflammation.

Most of us are not familiar with the latest tools to diagnose, treat and more importantly prevent chronic disease in our clients. Inflamaging Physician Network has developed an evidence-based model that eradicates the barriers to practicing medicine in an effective, exciting and enriching capacity.

We will provide you a program that will lead to rapid risk stratification, have great outcomes and can be easily implemented in your practice.

You may wish to do age management just a day a week initially and then transition to full-time.

IPN can fill in the missing pieces of your practice, allowing you to earn more, work less and have better client outcomes with a concierge-styled, cash-based practice