Inflamaging Physician Network Centers have many clients come from different parts of the world for our programs. We have three primary programs and a number of additional programs including Executive Health programs and Corporate Screening.

1. WellMan/ WellWoman Program (WMP/WWP)
This program is designed to reverse cardio-metabolic disease that is the global epidemic of the 21st century. This program is very affordable and designed to slash your risks of chronic disease and improve your longevity.This program is based upon data from extensive studies published in the peer-reviewed medical literature. While it is true that ‘good’ ranges of biomarkers will reduce disease risks, optimal levels will slash these risks dramatically halving your risks for heart attack and cancer. Why settle for ‘good’ when optimal is relatively easy to achieve.

2. Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Program (BHRT)
Hormones are the juice of life and we age largely because our hormones decline, Inflamaging Physician Network offers aging men and women the chance to regenerate themselves and prevent chronic disease. BHRT is the secret to maintaining vitality as we enter our fourth and fifth decades. By replacing hormones to the level of a youthful 25-30 year old, you can help reduce the inflammation of the endothelium of your blood vessels responsible for heart disease and many other chronic age-related conditions. Our physicians are experts in the replacement of Bioidentical Hormones.

3. Weight Loss Program (WLP)
You don’t die from obesity; you die from the diseases that ‘travel’ with it! It is this cardio-metabolic disease (diabetes, heart disease, cancer, dementia etc.) resulting from ‘Insulin Resistance’ that causes most of our deaths and aging.

The same metabolic-hormonal abnormalities that make us fat also causes ‘metabolic syndrome’ and the chronic diseases of civilization that now afflict us.

The WLP program consists of 3 phases:

  • Induction Phase: HCG (To jump start your weight loss)
  • Transition Phase: Paleo4me Meals (Monthly delivery of Paleo4me meals)
  • Maintenance Phase: Paleo Diet (The Original Human Diet)
Note: Although IPN believes that a Membership Model is ideal to maintain a high retention rate there is no problem to administer any or all programs a la carte. Several additional programs are also available including Corporate Executive Physicals and Screening Programs, Intravenous-Nutrition and Detox Programs, Aesthetic Programs, Erectile Dysfunction, Brain Enhancement, and Stem Cell Programs. Membership-based programs like IPN have over a 90% retention compared to other medical practices.