How do I implement Age Management into my practice?

The crux of the Inflamaging Physician Network is this: it is a client-centered, membership-based proactive I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L.™ Health Approach to reverse cardio-metabolic disease (insulin resistance). It typically achieves far better client outcomes, with true attendant savings for clients, employers and insurers, while generating significantly more net income to the physician.

Integral Health is the process through which we humans achieve wellbeing by the ordering of consciousness. This includes the expansion of consciousness (Knowledge) and the intensification of consciousness (Wisdom).

- Graham D. Simpson, M.D

Environment (Consciousness)

Illness and Health are only the tip of the iceberg. To understand their cause you need to look below the surface at your lifestyle, awareness, culture and worldview.


The easiest way to understand the proactive I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L.™ Health Model is to start with the “4 Quadrants” which have an interior and exterior as well as an individual and collective dimension.

(This 4 Quadrant model is modified from the work of Ken Wilber and Jean Gebser)


What any event looks like from the outside. Includes physical behavior, matter and energy and the concrete body. Lifestyle (Individual Health).


The interior of the individual. Our own immediate thoughts, feelings, sensations and consciousness. Awareness (Remembering).


The inside awareness of the couple, group, culture, its worldview and shared values. Culture (Meaning).


The exterior forms and behavior of the group. Includes the environment. Worldview. (Systems Mastery).


Inflamaging Physician Network has the most complete evidence-based Age Management model to date and is best suited to face our current healthcare challenge - chronic disease. Currently, lifestyle-acquired disease is the national epidemic despite more and more expensive drugs, increasingly sophisticated medical technology and our economic wealth. More than 200 million Americans have at least one chronic disease and 70 million have more than one. Similar trends are appearing worldwide. What is causing this epidemic of unhealthiness? Poor lifestyle choices leading to “silent inflammation” is now recognized as the cause of most chronic disease and aging itself!


Proactive Medicine (4P):


The existing healthcare system is reactionary. Instead of focusing on keeping you healthy the prevailing system cares for you only AFTER you become sick. This is why we call it a "sick care" system rather than a "health care" system.

The 4-P Approach is different. A systematized innovation in medical practices.

We begin with the person, not the disease and this “whole person” approach leads us to the Personalized component of 4-P Medicine.

There are many benefits to making you, the client our starting point. Rather than addressing problems as they materialize, we begin with advanced screening and diagnostics to reveal your unique biomarkers-indicators of your current and future health conditions primarily a result of “inflammation” from the lifestyle you live. With these test results, we're able to see your future health risks. Predictive.

Each person's profile is different and, because testing reflects your personal health profile, we are able to design a more effective Preventive program, addressing your specific needs.

Moreover, we believe that the optimal doctor-client relationship is a two-way street. It is Participatory. You as the client provide us with the most valuable tool there is: feedback. When we know how you're responding and how you're feeling, we can make adjustments that better serve your health.

This Proactive Medicine – Personalized, Predictive, Preventive, and Participatory – together with the I.N.T.E.G.R.A.L.™ Health Model provides the new context needed to transform your clients’ health. Content can be Googled but Context is key as context alone brings “meaning” to the overwhelming amount of medical information we are exposed to everyday.

Healthcare the way it's meant to be.